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Gilles Herard, Jr has been involved in equipment financing since 1972 and has had the opportunity to work on a variety of industrial and commercial equipments: from rolling equipment, manufacturing equipment, income producing, mining, flying (planes and choppers) - even large industrial helicopters capable of lifting loads in excess of 20 tons.

While the average size of those transactions were about USD $6.5 million, some transactions may be as small as $1.5 million and others as large as $250.0 million - when dealing, for example, with jumbo jets for airline companies. 

Handling any given equipment financing transaction takes a maximum of 30 business days from start to disbursement and when dealing with manufacturing equipment that have to be built and delivered months later, progressive disbursement can be arranged with the equipment's manufacturer. Best of all, the client has NO payment to make on the equipment until it's in full production. 

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gilles herard merchant banker equipment financing
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